Church Chic 


A Church Chic is a women that sees beauty in flawed things including herself! Her relationship with God is personal. She is confident in her journey with Christ. She isn't a perfect women or a perfect church women but has TOTAL confidence in her purpose. 




Why have a Session?

Perhaps you have struggled with some problem or issue for months, Years or even most of your life without relief...It might be job troubles, issues with relationships, conflicts with a parent, or wishing to release oneself from self-sabotaging behaviors or destructive patterns. A Session can give you the information you need to stop struggling and start living with more peace, freedom, joy and ease.

How to make an appointment?

1. Select your session on my "Work with Me" page

2. Choose 2 different days of the week and times you are available for the session. I will confirm appointment date and time within 24hrs.

3. Fill out in detail the form so we waste little time getting to your areas of need!

During a session, I tune into the messages God wants to share with you. Upon hearing spiritual perspective , many clients have immediate breakthroughs and a-ha's about how to solve their issues. Others will understand the next steps they need to take to begin the resolution of their problems. Most will feel a sense of relief, happiness, and hope that their prayers are heard and are being answered.

How does a spiritual perspective session work?

A common question I receive from my clients is, "How does all this work? and who exactly are you talking to?" The complete answer is GOD....I don't not read cards, pray to statues or the dead....I only worship God and is led by the Holy Spirit. 

As well as providing Spiritual Perspective, I also help others develop their own spiritual gifts so they can rely on their own spirituality and relationship with God for day-to-day decisions. It is my goal to help as many people get closer to God, who really wants a confident one on one relationship with you.


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