Joye Davis

Joye Davis

 I’m a truth-teller, a heart coach, a wise woman, spiritual mentor and a beauty enhancer!


“Alchemists . . . take in the “hazardous waste” of human experience and return it to the world as nourishment, refreshment, and beauty.”

                                                                        – Catherine MacCoun

I believe in the power of the heart, and that the work we do in our inner space allows us to access and live from our hearts the way we were meant to, in connection and love with everything in the Universe. When we become the healthiest version of us then we are affecting and changing everything at an unseen level.

I am in love with the powerful connection between journeys, spirituality and beauty. I am a believer that we can learn to heal and rewire our internal experience to influence our external experience. I know that all people really need are the tools to connect to themselves again and to learn how to allow themselves to be changed by their experiences in order to see their lives change.

I’m committed to being a powerful source in helping my clients to change their lives.. through inner & outer work.

My Truth is Everyone must do his or her work. There is nothing you can accomplish in this world without processing the pain and transforming our lives with the truth. Our stories heal, but only when we work with our own .

I love to have conversations about journeys. I have always found myself drawn completely in and fascinated to know how they weave together the human experience. What connects me most to those I meet on this journey are the stories of challenge, triumph and pain that set me on my own path of healing. I’ve also always been a seeker and along the way I’ve gained so much in the way of insights, understandings, and wisdom. I know what it’s like to be at the lowest point and feel everything crumbling. I’ve lost and I’ve rebuilt and I did that work from the inside out. I have over 20 years of experience in the field which allowed me to engage every learning and practice I had acquired through this background and through the self-growth/spiritual path.